Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Announcing The Zero Sight Series

After many months of edits, redrafts, and beta reads I'm happy to announce that my first book, Zero Sight, is about to be released on both the Kindle and Nook. Zero Sight is the first book in The Zero Sight Series. It follows the adventures of Dieter Resnick, high school student turned spell-slinger. Zero Sight is a contemporary fantasy aimed at young and old alike. I think fans of authors like Jim Butcher, Suzanne Collins, Rachel Caine, and Richelle Mead will really enjoy it.

Here's the hook I'll be posting on Amazon:

Meet Dieter Resnick. Dieter is the sole child of an abusive single father, a perennial schoolyard brawler, and Ted Binion High’s number one academic prospect. Dieter is terrified of staying poor. He has few friends and is absolutely obsessed with earning a college scholarship. He’s also a latent mage—one of the few humans left that can bend the manaflows to their will.

Too bad no one told him. Now a boy is dead.

Meet Rei Acerba Bathory. Rei is a second year student at Elliot College, the premiere magical training academy in North America. She’s also on an all-liquid diet. Rei acquired her odd speech and mannerisms living among her centuries-old kin—strange vampiric creatures that have carved out the Midwest as their playground. She can kill a man without blinking, but has a serious weakness for puppies. Thanks to a childhood spent living cloistered from the public, Rei knows little of modern society. She’d do well to make some friends, but her fellow trainees despise her. Rei is the first of her kind to be admitted, and many hope to make her the last.

Dieter was raised in the grimy outskirts of Las Vegas. Rei was homeschooled in a Chicago mansion. Both are on their way to Elliot College. Both believe the other is a creature of idle fantasy. In ten hours, they’re going to be at the center of a war fought by shadow actors. In eleven hours, they’re going to become a weft-pair, bound together by the most sacred spell in the magic canon. And in twelve hours? Well, in twelve hours, they’ve got to get to class…
I'm excited to have made it this far. I'm attending medical school, so squeezing in time to write has been quite a challenge. Then again, I've found dedicating an hour or two to writing each day is a great way to stay sane.

Next up, cover art...


Anonymous said...

No offense intended, but that blurb is really weak and gives a lousy impression of your writing. The book (except at the end) is much better written than that blurb implies. Some of the bits on this blog are absolutely astoundingly well written (the bit about living in a casino and coke can is really outstanding). Please consider redoing that blurb if you get inspired...I'd like you to sell more, so you'll write more! thx. cbb

Anonymous said...

I realise that I'm commenting on an old post, but I think it's extreemly important to get that blurb redone. I was turned away when I read it, and it does lower expectations.

And I'm not the same anon as the one who suggested this first.

B. Justin Shier said...

@Anon 6:10:

First, thanks for the feedback.

As far as the blurb, I fear I'm a beat tone deaf. Some stuff I write sounds bad to my ear, but the blurb does sound good to me. What about it is frustrating? The tone, person, topics covered, etc? I'm preparing the blurb for the second book right now, and I ouldn't want to make similar mistakes.

Cheers, B.