Friday, April 15, 2011

What Is Komondor?

I've received a few questions about one of Zero Sight's major characters. I'm speaking, of course, about Rei's dog Kumo. Turns out many people have never heard of komondors. Some are even having trouble believing that the breed exists. This is unfortunate. I've asked Ms. Rei Acerba Bathory of Elliot College to elucidate a few key points about the breed.


Indeed. And so I am here. It is still early in the afternoon, and I'm feeling a bit nauseous, so I would like to complete this presentation quickly.

You there—yes, you by the STEP I review literature—post slide #1.

Me: Sorry.

Foolish uncouth masses, this is a komondor.


I find it most absurd that I must speak on this topic, but Dean Albright insists that presenting facts to my peers is an essential component of an Elliot education. I do not fully understand this concept. What does speaking to others have to do with my learning...and why must I do this speaking to you? However, the dean of this establishment is reasonably wise, so I shall defer to his judgement.

*Ms. Acerba takes a sip of her coffee. It is black with no sugars.*

The komondor is the finest breed of dog in existence. When the kings of old wished to play, they sought out their vizslas. When they were besieged on all sides by ravenous dread-wolves, they sought out their komondors.

The komondor is a heavy boned animal with unusually thick musculature. The average male can be expected to rise to your hip and weigh a good 35-40 kilos. My Kumo is a bit larger...but he is of the Royal Line.

Legend tells us that the komondor arrived in Hungary at the same time as the cursed Huns. It remains unclear whether the Huns were chased out of Asia by the komondors, or if the komondors merely tolerated the Huns until they found better companions. Whatever the case, after killing all the Huns, my people adopted the komondors. Our Nagyar shepherds received the glut of them, and the resident bears and wolves were quickly pushed out of our lands.

This is a komondor puppy. Is he not adorable?

I do not understand this, why is it not...fool! Post slide #2!

Me: Sorry.

Of course he is adorable. Do not dare to think otherwise.


Komondor puppies are the most stubborn puppies known to man. They make up for this deficit by wearing a coat of fur that is softer than the finest silk. They will test your will early and often. If you fail to demonstrate proper dominance, they will seize your place in the food chain. But whether you win or lose this game of wills, your Komondor will guard you always.

Feel free to leave your broodlings in their care:

But the breed truely shines when herding sheep:

You enjoyed the song, yes? It is "Fohász Egy Lóhoz" from Vágtázó Csodaszarvas. This means Dancing White Stag in my favorite tongue. I find this band most hard striking.

One last word to you. Do not dare mock a komondor's tassels.

Heavily armored

These ingenious wool weavings make the komondor unfreezable during the coldest night, unbiteable by the largest mammal jaws, and perfectly camouflaged in the smallest flock of sheep.

Here are my sources (because only thieves and cowards fail to cite):

Now if you'll excuse me, the glare coming through the windows is irritating my eyes. 



I'd like to thank Ms. Bathory again for spending the time to stop by. And I'd also like to thank those of you who didn't flee at her sight. It's nice to see that we live in an age where we wait and see before pulling out the torches and pitchforks...she's gone, right? 


Like out the door? 


Okay. Great. Get the freakin' wards back up.



Diana Cholakian said...

That video, with the baby, is amazing!

B. Justin Shier said...

Puppies. Babies. Vampires. I'm pretty pleased with this post.

And you have a blog. With pancakes. How did I not know about this?

Anonymous said...

B. Just wondering how you came about using the Komondor in the story rather than the Kuvasz? In the breed histories the Komondor appears to have been utilized primarily by herders, whereas the Kuvasz may have more connection to the urban areas and aristocracy, and Ms. Bathory is most assuredly aristocratic.... Perhaps all the grooming involved in keeping Komo fit gave Rei something to do when not in class at Elliot.
Keep up the excellent work - I won't ask you to hurry ZS3 - because you know as soon as you release it, the whining will start for ZS4 (the downside of having fans - never satisfied !) Be well!

Anonymous said...

Came across this randomly. I'll be sure to check out more of it in the future. Just FYI, though, that puppy photo is of a Kuvasz.

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