Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm Trying To Not Hyperventilate

Got back from a very long (and rewarding) week in the hospital, passed out on the carpet, woke up, made coffee, logged onto Mr. Lappy, filed away the ten PDFs on colon polyps (yum), booted up Firefox, took a peek at Zero Sight's progress...and found myself passed out on the floor again.


Because Zero Sight is now the #85 Contemporary Fantasy book on Amazon:

But then I picked myself up off the floor and my contrarian brain kicked in. I convinced myself that Zero Sight's new ranking wasn't that big of a deal. The Contemporary Fantasy market isn't that big, right?

Then I checked who was next to me on the list:

2011-06-04 at 9.02.17 PM

When I think awesome fantasy writing, I think Jim Butcher. This man is my hero. Zero Sight's editor and I once waited in a 2 hour line to get him to sign our books.  Now Zero Sight is sitting next to his work on the digital shelf.

This all may be a transient fluke. Maybe the buzz will die off. Maybe an avalanche of one-star reviews will arrive tomorrow. But I'll always have this day. I'll always have this screen cap.

...and now I am going to go run around the apartment complex screaming.



Bookblogger said...

Congrats on the great ranking!! Hopefully you will keep climbing the list.


B. Justin Shier said...

With Amazon updating their lists every hour, it sure is a roller coaster ride. I'm trying to keep my finger off the refresh button.

Anonymous said...

Wow....that's my boy.....congrats!!!