Thursday, June 23, 2011

JK Rowling Is Large And In Charge

JK Rowling just announced the purpose of

Lots of us had been wondering what this pottermore concept was all about. Some guessed at a new series. Others thought a new Harry Potter video game was afoot. Well, it turns out that JK somehow had the foresight to retain all of the e-rights to the Harry Potter Series way back in the 90's—and now she's not afraid to use them.

What can I say with certainty?

  • It is pretty clear who is holding the sceptre in this arrangement
  • We can expect many more readers will be picking up e-readers to enjoy the new JK Rowling experience
  • The publishing houses have just lost their grip on their A-list
  • Steven Stephen King and Company will be next

More news when it drops.


UPDATE #1 (6/23 20:14): Check out Joe Konrath's opinion here.

UPDATE #2 (6/23 20:30): A debate over the implications is raging over at the kindle boards...and Betsy was kind enough to remedy my foul language : )


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Steven....dunno....Stephen....familiar with.

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Ack. fixed, thx.

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