Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Nook Color Ad Is A Winner

A long time ago (in a land far far away), I thought I was going to be an ad man. This was the sort of ad I wanted to make:

Anybody know the name of the song?



Anonymous said...

The nook is touch? I wouldnt never be able to touch the screen of my e-reader...

B. Justin Shier said...

Finally saw one of the touch screen Nooks today. (It was in the hands of a person I never expected to buy an e-reader). Played around with it for a bit.

I couldn't see finger smudges on it like I do with my iPhone. It's made of some sort of magic smudge proof material. The screen is a bit small for my liking—I'm a Kindle DX man myself—but it could easily fit into a pair of cargo pants.

The owner seems to be pleased with it. Her only complaint was that with her long nails, she needs to use something like a pencil eraser to easily manipulate the touchscreen.