Saturday, August 27, 2011

Unholy Ghosts

One of my favorite dystopian fantasies is now availible on Amazon for only $0.99. Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane features a bizarre world where the dead have become a threat to the living. No, we're not talking zombies. We're talking ghosts—and nasty one's at that. They had nearly murdered all the living before the Church of Real Truth stepped in. Now it's up to Chess, witch and Church debunker, to manage the real and not-so-real ghosts among us. Oh, and she's also got this teensy weansy little drug addiction to feed.

Stacia does two things in these books that I love: she provides an original magic system and casts a refreshingly unadmirable heroine. Chess is a scumbag. She'll do almost anything to score another hit. I spent half the book worrying she might sell out the city for another trip to the pipes. She eventually does worse. And that's what makes this series so much fun. It's like Hermione on crack.


Where Can I Find A Book?

"I can find more great stories in 10 minutes browsing on Amazon than I can in a week of shuffling the aisles at B&N, Borders, or whatever." 
- Bart, in discussion thread for last week's post

I headed over to my favorite B&N last week. I went upstairs to find that their fiction floorspace had been reduced by 50%. The recovered space is now occupied by children's toys. Now I love children's toys, but I don't want them replacing Chaucer.

I need to just come out and say it. Print publishing is in a death spiral. I live in a major metro area, and as of this week, I no longer have a bookstore. The two Borders nearby went out of business (bye-bye best hot mocha in the Universe). The two B&N near me now resemble Toys R Us. If someone offered me a traditional publishing contract at this very moment, my first question would be: "Where do you plan on selling these books?"

Times are changing. The Internets have struck again.

How are you finding new books? Do you rely on Amazon also-boughts, KindleboardsGoodreads, or Library Thing? Have you found any great book blogs like Scott's? Let me know. I'd love to hear how you've adapted your browsing habits to the new ebook era.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Guest Blog Over at the Indie Book Blog

I'd like to thank Scott over at the Indie Book Blog for allowing me to write about the challenges faced by authors trying to write novels that don't quite fit in either the "Young Adult" or "Adult" fiction stacks. Scott has taken on the tough task of culling through the many Fantasy and SciFi indie titles out there and reviewing them for other readers. You'll find a number of hidden jewels in his back pages.

Check out my guest post here:

Guest blog with B Justin Shier author of Zero Sight

I took a few stabs at naming novels with a GED. You can add any ideas you might have to the discussion over on Scott's blog.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Quick Update

Sorry for not posting or responding to my Email as of late. I'm in the middle of a neurosurgery rotation right now, and my free time is limited to dreaming about neurosurgery. I hope to have a bit more free time this weekend, but I did want to answer a few questions that keep cropping up:

1) Smashwords: Yes, I'd love to publish Zero Sight there. I just can't get the thing uploaded without running into error messages. I can code HTML, but this is over my head. If anyone knows how to properly format a word document for their 'meat grinder', please let me know. Until then, I'm really sorry for those of you not living in The US. I realized that you're getting gouged, and I'd like to get a Smashwords version up for you as soon as possible.

2) Print copies: Yes, I'd like to get them out. I'm prioritizing the release of Zero Sum right now, but I'd be happy to release print copies in the near future. I am curious, though. Which format would you like:

a) hardcover
b) demy paperback (9 X 6)
c) trade paperback (8 x 5 1/4)
d) mass-market paperback (6 7/8 x 4 1/4)

3) Reviewers: I'd like to thank everyone that has taken the time to read and review Zero Sight. When I first published, I hoped to sell a hundred copies, but your wonderful reviews changed everything. Zero Sight got picked up by the Amazon algorithms, and more and more people were willing to take a chance on this first-time indie author. I owe ya'll a big debt for that. I'm also taking to heart all the helpful critiques. Your fresh perspectives will help me improve my writing in the future.

4) The Sequel: Yes, it is bloody. Yes, there is more Rei.

Now back to work...

only a small subset of humanity will get this joke