Saturday, August 13, 2011

Guest Blog Over at the Indie Book Blog

I'd like to thank Scott over at the Indie Book Blog for allowing me to write about the challenges faced by authors trying to write novels that don't quite fit in either the "Young Adult" or "Adult" fiction stacks. Scott has taken on the tough task of culling through the many Fantasy and SciFi indie titles out there and reviewing them for other readers. You'll find a number of hidden jewels in his back pages.

Check out my guest post here:

Guest blog with B Justin Shier author of Zero Sight

I took a few stabs at naming novels with a GED. You can add any ideas you might have to the discussion over on Scott's blog.



Bookblogger said...

Thanks for coming over to my blog. I never really thought about how much of a pain it would be to classify a book's genre, but now it seems like every week I am hearing a new one. Can't wait for book 2!

Bart said...

By the way--and off-topic--but I've started reading The Power of Six, which I'm sure you're aware is the (somewhat) highly-anticipated sequel to I Am Number Four.

Zero Sight is so much better. Better pacing, better world, better magic. Most importantly, better characters.

Obviously, you know what you're doing, but if there's one thing I would love you to remember, it's this: we (your readers) care about your characters first and your story second. Not that we want you to drone on about them ad nauseum...the point is that you have a knack for characterization, and your two main protagonists are eminently well-done.

I hate to use the obvious Rowling or Butcher analogies, but you've got the same thing going for you that those two titans got right--characters that readers root for and empathize with.

Last thing...all the great indie fantasy books I've read in the last six months have confirmed my belief that mainstream publishing is out of the loop--if not completely insane. I can find more great stories in 10 minutes browsing on Amazon than I can in a week of shuffling the aisles at B&N, Borders, or whatever. Maybe it's not a universal truth, but I feel like your book is proof that the cream rises to the top, when the cream has access to the marketplace.

Oh, and the Hounded series is just phenomenal. All this entrepreneurship makes me giddy.

B. Justin Shier said...

"I can find more great stories in 10 minutes browsing on Amazon than I can in a week of shuffling the aisles at B&N, Borders, or whatever."

I headed over to my favorite B&N last week. I went upstairs to find that their fiction floorspace had been reduced by 50%. The recovered space is now occupied by children's toys. Now I love children's toys, but I don't want them replacing Chaucer.

Print publishing is in a death spiral. I live in a major metro area, and as of this week, I no longer have a bookstore. The two Borders went out of business. The two B&N are like Toys R Us. If someone offered me a traditional publishing contract, my first question would be: "where do you plan on selling these books?"

Times are changing. The Internets have struck again!