Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Quick Update

Sorry for not posting or responding to my Email as of late. I'm in the middle of a neurosurgery rotation right now, and my free time is limited to dreaming about neurosurgery. I hope to have a bit more free time this weekend, but I did want to answer a few questions that keep cropping up:

1) Smashwords: Yes, I'd love to publish Zero Sight there. I just can't get the thing uploaded without running into error messages. I can code HTML, but this is over my head. If anyone knows how to properly format a word document for their 'meat grinder', please let me know. Until then, I'm really sorry for those of you not living in The US. I realized that you're getting gouged, and I'd like to get a Smashwords version up for you as soon as possible.

2) Print copies: Yes, I'd like to get them out. I'm prioritizing the release of Zero Sum right now, but I'd be happy to release print copies in the near future. I am curious, though. Which format would you like:

a) hardcover
b) demy paperback (9 X 6)
c) trade paperback (8 x 5 1/4)
d) mass-market paperback (6 7/8 x 4 1/4)

3) Reviewers: I'd like to thank everyone that has taken the time to read and review Zero Sight. When I first published, I hoped to sell a hundred copies, but your wonderful reviews changed everything. Zero Sight got picked up by the Amazon algorithms, and more and more people were willing to take a chance on this first-time indie author. I owe ya'll a big debt for that. I'm also taking to heart all the helpful critiques. Your fresh perspectives will help me improve my writing in the future.

4) The Sequel: Yes, it is bloody. Yes, there is more Rei.

Now back to work...

only a small subset of humanity will get this joke



Anonymous said...

Mass market or trade paperback would be great IMHO.


sheamacleod said...

I pay someone to do it for me (NO patience), but Heather Marie Adkins did a 5 part series on her site: http://heather.bishoffs.com/?p=1769

Maybe it will help?

Bart said...

I just typed about 1000 words on how awesome your book is, tried to post my comment, had to register with Blogger or something ridiculous, and lost my entire post....

Anyway, in sum, your book is awesome, it's better than all the other indie fantasies recommended by Amazon (not by orders of magnitude, but better).

Damn, I even had some witty medical banter interspersed.

Oh, and I've copy-edited two NYT bestsellers, so I know of what I speak when I say your writing is the best of the self-published bunch and has the fewest errors.

B. Justin Shier said...

@ Bart:

First, sorry for the chunked post you experienced. I wanted to read those 1000 words! Blogger can be annoying at times, but it's the best of the worst, IMHO.

Glad you enjoyed the book. I'm sure my beta readers will be proud to hear they didn't let too many errors through. (I know there still must be some--and the thought of it drives me slightly mad.) Exploiting my OCD medical student friends seems to be working well-ish.

@ Anon:

I'll probably go trade paperback. Apparently, the larger book size allows for a thinner book, which can be produced at lower cost. Now to work on the jacket art...

@ Shea:

Thanks for the link. Great series on formatting. I read the whole thing.