Saturday, August 27, 2011

Unholy Ghosts

One of my favorite dystopian fantasies is now availible on Amazon for only $0.99. Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane features a bizarre world where the dead have become a threat to the living. No, we're not talking zombies. We're talking ghosts—and nasty one's at that. They had nearly murdered all the living before the Church of Real Truth stepped in. Now it's up to Chess, witch and Church debunker, to manage the real and not-so-real ghosts among us. Oh, and she's also got this teensy weansy little drug addiction to feed.

Stacia does two things in these books that I love: she provides an original magic system and casts a refreshingly unadmirable heroine. Chess is a scumbag. She'll do almost anything to score another hit. I spent half the book worrying she might sell out the city for another trip to the pipes. She eventually does worse. And that's what makes this series so much fun. It's like Hermione on crack.


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