Monday, September 26, 2011


Zero Sum is off to the editor!

Four drafts, 46 angry letters, and 3 third-year medical school rotations later—and the sequel to Zero Sight is finally off to the cutting room floor. Sorry for the delays, peeps. I was learning how to suture.

Key Details:
  • It's 167,000 words pre-edits
  • It continues from where Zero Sight left off
  • It's bloodier (thank you, surgery)
  • It's brainier (thank you, neuro)
  • It's nuttier (thank you, psych)
Jon Steller, my fellow medical student and long-time accomplice, will be editing this one as well. Please send all "hurry the freak up" Emails in his direction. ^-^ But do realize we plan on taking our time to ensure that the continuity is solid, the typos are kept to a minimum, and your reading experience is pure awesomeness.

Now, if you'll pardon me, I'm going to go enjoy a beer.


P.S. Too bad about that lug head's boney can almost the Fiefs. 


Trevor said...

YES! Let me know if you need a beta reader :P

Anonymous said...


Will McKeon said...

I really enjoyed Zero Sight and I've been eagerly waiting for Zero Sum. On a side note, good luck with your classes and enjoy a little down time. I'm sure that you earned it.

Anonymous said...

Good job keep up the good work. Your are one of the most interesting and creative writers I have had a chance to read, and that you are able to write books while in med school is a miracle in it's self.

Bookblogger said...

Very cool! I'm glad to hear that I won't be waiting all that much longer to dive back into the story. Good time for Zero Sight to be one of the books of the month in the book club.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the book except the cliffhanger ending. I'm sure you've heard that already. If it's going to be a trilogy please finish it as a fourth year. I can tell you as a PGY4 there is zero time for writing anything other than progress notes in residency. Thanks for the enjoyable read.

B. Justin Shier said...

@Trevor: I'll have an announcement on the beta soonish : )

@Will: You say "down time", I hear "studying" : (

@Anon 1:43: Thanks!

@Bookblogger: I'm slightly giddy over this development. This will be my first book club feature!

@Anon 8:32: *shudder* But, you know, one of the funnier moments I've had is when one of my attendings was like, "Nice work on these notes but I want to see more chapters out you you. I'm getting tired of waiting...Rei doesn't die, does she?"

And cliffhangers...readers hate 'em; but series writers need some element of them to survive. I was shooting for a Rachel Caine level ending but ended up with the Cliffs of Dover, didn't I? The last chapter was a matter of debate among the beta team. Some argued it should have been the start of the second book. I argued that giving the reader insight into where the plot was traveling took a higher priority. I was wrong : /


Vodswyld said...

I want to just say "Hell yeah!" to getting the draft done.

I fully agree with the ending being in the first book as opposed to being the start of the second book. For right now it is annoying, but no one will care when the second book is out. It helps to have it in the first book for two reasons, tho. The first reason is that it helps to evaluate you as an author on where your story is going. And I think many people are liking where you are going with the story. Second reason is that the second book would end up starting rather slow with that as the start. Zero Sight did not start slow at all, and I think that likely hooked a lot of people.

Congrats on being awesome.

B. Justin Shier said...

"For right now it is annoying, but no one will care when the second book is out."

I'm banking on this. I hope you're right!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting the draft out. Your first book was just absolutely amazing. Im damn near literally frothing at the mouth waiting for the second book to come out. How you can produce great work like this AND be a med student....much much respect. Pardon me asking..but how long does the editing part usually take?

B. Justin Shier said...

I don't dare make any predictions anymore, but I can tell you where I am. I just got the edits back...and an angry missive about hyphens. The only "major" issue is an approximately 1K word patch to one chapter. (Apparently, you can't use an anti-tank missile that way.) The fixes will be done this weekend. Then it's off to the Beta readers. I'll make an announcement on that when the time comes.