Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An Objective Analysis of Zero Sight by Leonardo Antezana, Chief Editor of J de Juegos

I was honored to have Zero Sight reviewed by Leonardo Antezana of J de Juegos, a Spanish language site dedicated to all things awesome (read: video games). He writes a special op-ed column on the books he reads.

Every author wants to believe his babies are perfect, but I think Mr. Antezana does a good job of pointing out both the strengths and weaknesses of the story. Mr. Antezana also provided me with some great pointers via Email which I am most grateful for. I also found myself reading his video game reviews. Nothing like a topic of true interest to brush up on the ole' castellano.

I believe this is also my first foreign language review, although since I grew up in Las Vegas, Spanish never felt very foreign. In fact, that topic will be pondered rather heavily in Zero Sum, so I shall thusly refer to Mr. Antezana's article as my first non-English review instead. : )


P.S. Mr. Massari, I'm sure you're happy to be bumped off the front page by a fellow hispanophone, but perhaps you should consider writing more reviews. Yours is the most visited post on this website, beating out "What is Komondor" for the top spot.

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