Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gettin' There

The Zero Sum beta is all patched up.

I'm formatting the EPUB and MOBI files now.

What do ya'll thinks about this blurb for Amazon + B&N websites:


The Great Slump continues. America is on the skids. The President calls for calm, but not even she knows the worst of it: America's magical factions have drawn blades, and the Department of Mana Affair's once omnipotent DEA agents have been left cowering behind their wards. Left undefended, the proud Magi of the West have been forced to flee their homesteads, and the Weres are having a field day picking off those who dare stay behind.

The fate of thousands rests in the hands of ten students headed towards the front. Lambda squad has been ordered to recover a sample of the illegal contraband the enemy is using to overcome their defenses. 

The new conscripts are hoping to stop the war.

They'll be lucky enough to get out alive.

Dieter Resnick finds himself stuck in the middle of the mess. The new Elliot initiate has only been practicing his craft for three months—and his friendship with the only vampire on campus has led many to question his loyalty—but his resistance to glamour has made his services invaluable. He's going to be packing his duffle bag with the rest of them.

Oh, yea, and Rei Acerba's coming too. She's even bringing snacks.

In the newest installment in the Zero Sight Series, alliances will shift, good friends will be lost, and only one thing remains certain: Dieter Resnick is going to get his hands on a decent cup of coffee.


Hate it?

Would you prefer something in the first person?

Let me know in the comments,


Edit: What this means is you're gonna have the book before Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Looks good, though I hope you mean Zero Sum not your first book?

B. Justin Shier said...

Fixed, thx.

Anonymous said...

I am getting excited about your soon to be released book! Its going to give my Kindle fire a workout!. Keep up the good work! Im hope that you already submitted this to Amazon so I can hope to get it tomorrow!!!

Unknown said...

IMHO, disregard the following freely. I think it airs a lot of fairly implausible plot points w/o the lead up to make them sale-able. I think it gives away too much; enough to justify all those implausibilities would be a full novel so maybe say less here. You need to re-intro the chars (it doesn't exactly do that), and hint at the conflict, rather than attempt to do a full recap in a few lines. Illegal and contraband is redundant, ofc. The last line (which would work *in* the novel) trivializes the whole drama just introduced when read as a blurb outside of the context of the narrative of the Dieter/Rei relationship. That said, I'm very very excited to read book 2 as I really loved book 1 (except for the narrative-heavy tail end). Great fun stuff, I hope you write more books! You're one of my favorite new authors, despite a few rough spots here and there.

Matt said...
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Matt said...

I'd probably skip the bit of the recap at the top and go from: The fate of thousands rests in the hands of ten students...

I'd also still make mention of the West being in disarray as well perhaps: Just in-case the West wasn't already in enough trouble, Rei Acerba's coming too. She's even bringing snacks.

As the above poster pointed out, 'illegal contraband' is redundant. Either 'illegal magical devices' or 'deadly contraband' could work?

At the end of the day I'm certainly no author, I'm sure whatever you choose will be great. I just can't wait to actually get Zero Sum in my hands!

Anonymous said...

Yaaaay!!! Hurray!

B. Justin Shier said...

Thanks guys and gals, I tweaked it quite a bit based on your comments. You can check out the final version soon...


Anonymous said...

Great, I've got to fly tomorrow and am hoping I can read the kindle during flight.

Anonymous said...

hey justin, this is why i hate buying ebooks.
normally i just download and read, but wanted to support new author on book 2 at least.
Even though its drm free, its a kindle format, requiring kindle for pc to read... no problem, but even to buy it i have to register with amazon, install kindle for pc, login, all just so i can buy the bloody thing. man i wish these sites could just email it to u after u pay by paypal. i hate all the hoops they make u go through. end rant.

Anonymous said...

me again.
are u going to have it available at other sellers or preferably directly from here, when i can buy it in the format i want. PS im not very fussy with formats, happy with mobi or epub or even pdf if i have to.
cheers mate.
if u do sell it here, i will buy book 1 also

B. Justin Shier said...

What's your opinion of Smashwords?