Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Interview On Fantasy Book Critic

Earlier this week, I participated in an interview with Mihir Wanchoo over on Fantasy Book Critic. Despite their focus on mainstream titles, FBC has been tremendously supportive of new indie talent. They were good enough to review Zero Sight in October, and you can see many other indie reviews there each month.

Mihir asked me about the road I took to indie publishing and a bit about how the Zero Sight covers were created. We then moved on to talk about J.A. Konrath, the revolution in e-publishing, and the hard decisions each author faces while carving out their own literary future.

There's also a bit about recurring themes in fantasy and my utter hatred of the Dark Lord trope. I know I'll get some push back on that one, but sometimes it is important to challenge the status quo.

The interview was great fun, and I wish to thank Mihir and FBC for the opportunity to talk with them.


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