Sunday, November 13, 2011

Quick Update On Zero Sum

The Zero Sum manuscript has now entered the second and final beta round. We are still on course for a late November release.

If I can figure out the HTML, there is going to be a cool map of Elliot included with the book. It is being drawn by an actual architect, who may or may not also be my younger brother.

I am truly sorry for the delays, but I've gotta make sure the typos are kept to a minimum. Some typos can be  laughed off, but accrue too many and it can turn into a total mess. The long and short of it is that people actually read these books now. I've gotta be sure to deliver a polished product on launch.

Thanks for your continued support and patience,


P.S. The first round beta readers said Zero Sum is better than Zero Sight.


Bookblogger said...

Awesome news! Can't wait to check it out.

Carlos O. said...

Looking forward to it. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the book so hurry up lad, looking forward to the rest of the series nevermind the next book.

Will McKeon said...

Shoot! I was hoping to have Zero Sum to read on my travels on Saturday! Ahh well, something to look forward to.

artikk said...

Thanks for the update, Justin! I was wondering how you came up with the name of character Rei. My hunch was that you took it from a certain infamous anime. I'm looking forward to the sequel :)

B. Justin Shier said...

A certain infamous anime did introduce me to the name (and the language from which it is based), though I would have to say that Rei Acerba is more like Asuka Langley Soryu than Rei Ayanami.

But the reason Theodus Nadasdy Bathory chose the name Rei Acerba for his newest broodling was an entirely different one. He desired to create a triality between meanings, as is the custom when naming purebloods. The Japanese name "Rei" is pronounced like the English word for a single line of light, but means quite the opposite ("zero" or "nothingness") in its native Japanese. Add to this duality the brood-name, Acerba (which suggests a "harshness" or "acidity" in Latin) and you can see that Theodus was aiming for one of two possible conceits: A) the soothing absence of ultraviolet light, or B) the all-cleansing, all-consuming agony that can only be experienced while a Nostophoros burns alive under the midday sun.

Which meaning Theodus intended has been consuming the court for nearly two decades.


Anonymous said...

This is great news! I really liked the first book and hope to get the chance to read many more in this series.

Asuka vs the mass production Evas was the most awesome and terribly disturbing scene of that series. If Rei is like that Asuka ... damn, dark days ahead.

Anonymous said...

Super excited, I'll get to read this on my new Kindle :)

You pushed me over the edge to buy one. If you're not going to publish paper then I'll have to follow wherever the good authors are :P

John VV said...

I guess it's time to re-read Zero Sight, can't wait for the new book!

Also, I thought the interview you did with Mihir at Fantasy Book Critic was very good.