Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sure I'd like your corrections!

I had a few readers ask if I wanted corrections (typos, spelling errors, formatting funks, and the like) to Zero Sum. Of course I do. Any author that would refuse corrections is batty. Feel free to post them to the comments section of this post or Email them to me directly (bjustinshier at the G-mail's dot com). Please include a few surrounding words so that I can locate the error in the document. I'll be patching Zero Sum up with your fixes this month. You'll get an Email from Amazon/B&N when the deed is done.

And yes, the term 'break-feast' was intentional : )

Thank's for your continued support,



Trevor said...

I'll start :P
"... unit Rei tossed must have WEIGHED a few tons." Original was weight.

Anonymous said...

I....I wish I had a few surrounding words, sorry, I couldn't find it in a few moments of looking, but I do remember the word:

"fury" which should have been "furry"

How many times could fury possibly be used? Even if there is more than one angry mage?


BaronThundergoose said...

Will an updated, more clear map be available in later updates? Would one have to repurchase Zero Sum to access said future map update? It kind of taunts me sitting there, not being able to read it in detail.

Anonymous said...

i don't say this to make you jealous, but the map looks gorgeous on my kindle app on the ipad. :) I only say it for people who didnt realize with the ipad you can blow it up full screen if you happen to have one. I wonder if you can blow it up if you have the kindle app on your pc?

B. Justin Shier said...

Yea, if someone can tell me how to better code the map I'd be much obliged. It looks great on the iPad and even the Kindle DX...but on the regular kindle you can't zoom in on it at all...shazbot.

To at least tide you over, I'll be posting the full version of the map on this website soon.

And thanks for the corrects. I'm makin' a list.


M@ said...

I'm on my second read of the book and I'm making a list for you. It may take me another week because of term papers and finals but I should it posted here by next Friday.

M@ said...

Before I post this I want to say that I have the utmost respect for what you do. Writing is difficult, publishing your writing can be down right terrifying. That being said I went ahead and kept track of the errors in spelling that I came across on my second read through. Here they are:

(Also, I re-read book one today as well and you may want to go back and check your where vs were. The first half of the book had many where's that should have been were)

First chapter during the dad scene: "I tired to deny it..." I believe it was meant to be "I tried to deny it"

"Jules looked at me with sudden interested." I believe you were looking for "with sudden interest"

"She took of her spectacles" should be "She took off her spectacles"

"proud owner of a Kraken." kraken is only capitalized if it is THE Kraken, otherwise it is simply another kraken.

"The sun and salt had done on number on..." I believe you meant "a number on"

“And I was starting have” should be “And I was starting to have”

“Jules was forced to guess at where here feet were” should be “at where her feet were”

“I never hear their voices. It was just Jules.” The rest of the paragraph was past tense, I believe you wanted “I never heard their voices.”

“Shity odds got Rei…” I believe you meant “Shitty odds got Rei…”

“She managed to the whole motion…” Here you could drop the to or add a do for “She managed to do the whole motion…”

“I waited a few minute before…” should be “I waited a few minutes before”

“Jasper’s swerved…” should read “Jasper swerved”

“Rei’s shifted her foot…” should be “Rei shifted her foot…”

"What truly galled to me" either galled me or called to me but the to is improper as it stands.

Don't know if this one really applies but "Rei looked at me as though I had spoken in a foreign." I believe you forgot the word "language" at the end.

"I shiver shook through her" I believe you wanted "A shiver..."

“Line-of-site” should be “line-of-sight”

“Getting Jedi mind probed was old hat for them.” You left out an “an” “Getting Jedi mind probed was an old hat for them.”

“…tossed must have weight a few tons.” Should be “…must have weighed a few tons.”

“I didn’t like were this was going.” Should be “I didn’t like where this was going.”

“She flicked of one of her many tails” should be “She flicked one of her many tails”

I ignored comma splices, sorry didn’t know if you’d want them or not. Sorry if this was a bit much, I’m an English major and it’s just kind of what we do.


B. Justin Shier said...

@Matt: Thanks a bunch! You've got a great eye for typos. I'll be sure to add these in to the v.2


Anonymous said...

First Book almost at the end Where they are talking to Mr. Spinoza
“If Talmax has indeed breached the frame, their punishment will be severe.” Carrera smiled on that last word; I very much wished he hadn’t.

Shouldn't Carrera be Spinoza?

B. Justin Shier said...

Ah! Great! A few people said the names were flipped in this one spot in the book but no one could find it. Will fix it in the next update. Thanks!