Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Konrath And Crouch Freebies!

The holidays have been good to Kindle authors. Very good. I'd like to thank everyone that forced their grandmother to download my novels. It's been an amazing ride.

In return, I wanted to point out a great deal. Fresh off the cusp of selling nearly ten thousand e-books in the past week, Joe Konrath (and his friend Blake Crouch) are offering up dozens of their Kindle novels as a way of saying thank you. Both of these guys are renowned bestselling thriller authors. There's some SF and contemporary fantasy mixed in there too. You've got 36 hours to snag their backlists for free.

The Joe Joe Konrath Collection (23 free titles)


The Black Crouch Collection (24 free titles)


Crouch's Run is not on sale, but you should buy that one because it is awesome.

Also, if you haven't done so, I'd recommend signing up for the Kindle Daily Deal. It's where Amazon announces which big name book they're marking down insanely each day. Today it's Barry Eisler's the Detachment for only 99 cents. Friending Amazon Kindle on Facebook will give you a similar heads-up.

Happy Holidays,


Another freebie to add. Book 1 of Michael Hick's In Her Name Series went free for the day. Fantastic book. Just look at the reviews.