Monday, September 26, 2011


Zero Sum is off to the editor!

Four drafts, 46 angry letters, and 3 third-year medical school rotations later—and the sequel to Zero Sight is finally off to the cutting room floor. Sorry for the delays, peeps. I was learning how to suture.

Key Details:
  • It's 167,000 words pre-edits
  • It continues from where Zero Sight left off
  • It's bloodier (thank you, surgery)
  • It's brainier (thank you, neuro)
  • It's nuttier (thank you, psych)
Jon Steller, my fellow medical student and long-time accomplice, will be editing this one as well. Please send all "hurry the freak up" Emails in his direction. ^-^ But do realize we plan on taking our time to ensure that the continuity is solid, the typos are kept to a minimum, and your reading experience is pure awesomeness.

Now, if you'll pardon me, I'm going to go enjoy a beer.


P.S. Too bad about that lug head's boney can almost the Fiefs.