Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gloomy Sing-off #1


Announcing what I hope to be an irregular feature on this blog: Gloomy Sing-offs! That's right, let's take the gloomiest, most demoralizing songs in existence and force them to fight to the death!

And where better to start than with Tim Burton's dystopic Christmas nightmare. Yea, you already know where I'm going with this. Which version of Sally's Song is the gloomiest?



Time to mope.



Sky Luke Corbelli said...

On a Tim Burton note, I personally like to combat gloom with science...


B. Justin Shier said...

Relevant. :)

Anonymous said...


Interesting article on latest amazon and B & N fighting

B. Justin Shier said...

The announcement was confusing to me because I could have sworn that B&N already had this policy. There's been a veritable PR blitz in the past month concerning the Big 6 vs Amazon, and this release sounded more like B&N just piling on.

For writers', this could be a good thing. If Amazon can't promise to get signed authors into B&Mortar bookstores, they are going to have to start offering sweeter percentages. If the Big 6 don't want Amazon poaching their authors, they're going to have to increases the advances. We're essential the arms dealers in the conflict. If we play it smart, we could do well. (Unfortunately, authors are even worse at business than doctors.)

For readers, I can only see this as bad news. How are they better served by more proprietary formats and exclusivity deals? I want to see the actors continue to innovate. Instead, they are getting rather tribal. (The iTextbook EULA thing was another grim indicator of the industry's current trajectory.)


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