Saturday, January 14, 2012

Math Crack

I have a secret. I'm very bad at math.

Yea, I liked to write code as a kid. Yea, I love to help fellow researchers do statistical analyses. But everything I've been able to achieve in math has been the result of brute force rather than true talent. In no other subject have I struggled so hard. In no other academic domain have I become so aware of my limits.

But that doesn't mean I hate math. I love math. I love to read about math. I love to hear about math. I find it fascinating. But math isn't like music. It is easy to go listen to Yo-Yo Ma play his cello but near impossible to sit down and watch a mathematician think through a problem. That's why I love watching Vi Hart's videos. She offers up that rare experience, and I think her projects are just plain beautiful.

Dilated Peoples also like working the angles.

Evidence, the master of aikido
I let go, karate confrontations
Evidence, scientist in innovation
I locks on when I travels around planets
Smooth but got a ruff edge like Pulitzer pianists
Display mucho attack, receive payments for the cadence
A in this, you get fit fowl with flagrance
Free agents on the dotted line more hard to sign
Not easily impressed with gold mines and whole nines
I'm somewhere in-between never rushed and in a hurry
And when I swing my bat, I don't think I'll miss like baseball

I never really got that verse until recently. Their lyrics seem to get smarter as I get older. ::) Now I'm gonna go ice my head..


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