Thursday, March 8, 2012

So I Was Featured On Boing Boing

Boing Boing featured Zero Sight and The Academy by Zachary Rawlings in an article published today. For those of you that don't know of the site, Boing Boing is an influential group blog that covers a little bit of everything. I peruse their site regularly, so I was pretty shocked to get the Google Alert this morning.

In eBook Review: Two Series That Are Too Much Alike, Jason Weisberger compared the two series. I haven't read Mr. Rawlings or Mr. Grossman's books yet, but it was still interesting to hear Mr. Weisberger's perspective on the magic school genre in general. I think he makes some valid points. Definitely worth a read. (BTW, I freely admit that Diana Wynn Jones served as a strong for my present work. The mea culpa is luxuriating in Zero Sight's dedication.)


Mr. Weisberger has been very generous to us indie authors. He's been reviewing a new novel almost every other day, and just last week he gave one of Hugh Howey's titles a huge boost. (BTW, If you haven't read Wool yet, do so.) I haven't seen a similar sales bump, but I really do appreciate Mr. Weisberger spending the time to review our titles.

Marilyn Hagerty was also featured on Boing Boing today. I found this somewhat awesome. (If you know a North Dakotan, it can be assumed that you know about Hagerty.) Her review of Taco Bell was riveting.



Zach said...

I find it funny that by discouraging the perusing of both your and Mr. Rawling's books with the reason being that they are similar, Mr. Weisberger has actually convinced me to try Mr. Rawling's books now. (That's a compliment. ;P)

Also, <3 Howl's Moving Castle.

On a side note, I saw your tweet from last night saying how you loved when your fingers can't keep pace. Was this perhaps referring to progress being made on your third book? I do hope so.

B. Justin Shier said...

Yea, made some good progress that night : )


Anonymous said...

that is a funny observation, he essentially inadvertently told all of the readers of either author that if they really loved one author's work, that they really should read the other's.

Anonymous said...

^ I have read them both and did. =)

Anonymous said...

Previous to this article Mr. Rawlings books were not on my radar either, I find the recommendation to buy one or the other rather stupid. As a reader I would rather read 100 titles with common threads that are well written, than much of the dross available today. Hopefully this exposure will benefit both series.... BTW We North Dakotan's do so love it when the collective consciousness of the
world so briefly focuses on our tiny state for an article like the Olive Garden us warm fuzzies all over - just like the movie Fargo! Perhaps you could boost our image further by making ND the first state to be completely drained by the vampire uprising in one of your future books.... :)

IronToBind said...

I actually read The Academy before Zero Sight. They are extremely similar, but I enjoyed Zero Sight so much more. One of the largest reasons was Dieter is a way better main character than Alex is.

Carlos O. said...

I read them both as well. They're recommended to each others' purchasers on Amazon, so I'd guess that's pretty common. I hadn't seen the Boing Boing post before coming back and catching up on the blog, but coincidentally mentioned both of those books as indie ebooks to check out in a recent podcast.

Also, Diana Wynn Jones was excellent, and, er, ponies.

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