Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fan-funded Pop

So I think this new video from Saint Savior is pretty sweet. What's sweeter is that it was entirely fan-funded via Pledge Music. I remain perplexed why she hasn't plain exploded the charts. (This Ain't No Hymn was one of my Top 10 favorites last year.) Here's hoping that this new release sends her over the top. At least the Guardian is paying attention...

But Saint Savior's new project got me to thinking, will crowd-sourcing be the future for all creative works? Even starting out in this novel writing business wasn't cheap, and I had the luxury of supportive friends like Jon Steller and Jordan Kimura, who gave me some serious discounts on their services. But how cool would it be to have someone like JS Rossbach do some sweet hand-painted watercolors for the print editions?

Speaking of which, if anyone wants to have their original art featured on three or four book covers...


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Bookblogger said...

I've supported a few indie authors through kickstarter projects. I tend to look about once a week to see if anything draws my eye. I think it's a cool way for a fan to get in on the ground floor.