Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Deals

Quick heads up. Amazon is running a huge sale on ebooks to celebrate Cyber Monday. Lot's of the titles are from "indie" publisher Open Road. I picked up Lilith's Brood: Dawn, Adulthood Rites, and Imago by Octavia Butler. That and Cloud Roads will be my Christmas reading.

Another sweet (but perhaps bad sign for Microsoft shareholders) deal is Windows 8 64-bit System Builder DVDs for only 70 bucks. I don't really recommend upgrading from Windows 7, but if you are building a new PC, this beats the Windows 7 Home Edition System Builder DVD price by over 20 bucks. Add a third-party hack and you can enjoy the faster boot times and improved encryption of Windows 8 while retaining the look and feel of Windows 7.

Happy Holidays,


Update 11/27/2012: The sales are over. : (


interestedparty said...

Any news on Tango?

IronToBind said...

Yeah the look of 8 is just bleh, I'm sure it works great on tablets but for PC it seems extremely teribad

Elinorholsinger said...

Thanks for posting this great coupon! Black Friday is right around the corner.

An Nguyen said...

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Rosalindahallam said...

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