Saturday, January 12, 2013

Aaron Swartz: How to Get a Job Like Mine

Aaron Swartz at a Creative Commons event
Photo taken by Fred Benenson,
and shared under a Creative Commons
Generic Attribution license Swartz helped promote

At the age of fourteen, Aaron Swartz co-authored the RSS 1.0 protocol.
He founded Infogami.
He helped form the Creative Commons.
He participated in the creation of
He was one of the key figures behind
He helped kill SOPA/PIPA
And he was being prosecuted for "stealing" academic journal articles.
Aaron Swartz died yesterday.
He was twenty-six years old.

If you have a moment, please read Aaron's short article entitled, "How to Get a Job Like Mine." His principles work. I've tried them.

Rest in peace, Aaron.


ETA (01/12/13 4:45 PST):

-Cory Doctorow on Aaron Swartz's death
-Prosecutor as Bully - Lawrence Lessig on Aaron Swartz's death
-Official Statement from the Family and Partner of Aaron Swartz


ZeroTango? said...

Wow RIP Aron and thanks for sharing Justin. Good to see you are still alive.

Anonymous said...

So you go by the same principles as a criminal? This guy was looking at 35 years in prison.

B. Justin Shier said...

I don't know what country you are from, Anonymous. But here in United States we do not refer to individuals as criminals unless they are convicted in a court of law. It is one of our more hallowed principles.


Anonymous said...

Was the shooter at Newton CT "Convicted"? Now i obviously dont think the two compare in severity and what not but i merely mean it to poke a hole in such a foolish statement.

He did something that was against the law, everyone KNOWS this whether or not you agree with said law is irrelevant until it is changed.

B. Justin Shier said...

It is not foolish. It is the way the law works.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap other Anonymous, have you read the histories of other countries and the atrocities that were committed against people that had to prove their innocence rather than the way we do it?

Also, since when did "everyone KNOWS" become a valid argument in favor of everything? Think way back to high school, that was the premier beginning to the juiciest (and usually false) rumors in the rumormill.

d/ said...

Thanks for sharing.

d/ said...

and for the sakes of argument, a good post by Sarah Kendzior on

Grampy said...

How very sad. On one hand, you could say Aaron accomplished a LOT during his short life. But on the other, much more significant hand, you have to wonder how much more he could have and would have accomplished, had he survived to a "normal" life span. RIP, Aaron.

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